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:“The World around Us is Wonderful. Protect it”
Підготувала : вчитель англійської мови Мельниківського НВК Таран Юлія Михайлівна

The subject of the lesson:“The World around Us is Wonderful. Protect it”
Objectives of the lesson:
• To develop students’ skills in all-round discussion
• To practice speakind, reading, listening, writing on the topic:
• To expand students” vocabulary:
• To develop students” logical and critical thinking:
• To teach students” to analize the material
Materials: handouts, dictionaries, CD, computer.
Main part
1. Фонетична зарядка.
Repeat the words, please.
Clean and fresh water, wonderful nature, to protect nature, to solve ecological problems, air pollution, environmental organization, litter, trash, rubbish, to damage trees, to frighten birds and animals, to make a fire, to throw rubbish into the river, to pollute water, things to be reused and recycled.

2. Мовна зарядка.
Agree or disagre
1) Nature gives people a lot.
2) The land, the forests and the rivers are a great treasure to people.
3) People love nature in different ways.
4) Children like animals.
5) It is interesting to study the animal world.
6) It is important to keep rivers clean.
7) It is necessary to feed birds in winter.

3. Let's speak about the world we live in.
1. The world around us is wonderful, isn't it?
2. Is it wonderful in all the seasons?
3. What season do you like most? Why?
4. Some people say autumn is a dull season. Why do they say so?
b) Describe each season of the year.
Talk about its weather, its nature.
1. Compare summer and autumn, please.
– Summer is wonderful. There are many long sunny days and there is no school. Some children spend their summer holidays at the seaside, some -in the mountains and some - in the country. Sometimes it is hot in summer, sometimes it is warm. We can swim in the river or in the lake. The fields and the forests are full of flowers. In summer we can go for berries and mushrooms to the forest. I like summer holidays.

- Autumn is a beautiful season too. In September the countryside is very beautiful. The weather is usually dry, sunny and nice. The trees in the forest are green, yellow, red and brown. The air is fresh. There are a lot of vegetables and fruit in the gardens.
But in October and November it gets colder. The sky is grey, there are many clouds in the sky. There is much rain and fog. The weather is dull and wet. The birds fly away to warm countries. The leaves fall down from trees and cover the ground. Sometimes it snows. Nature slowly falls asleep for winter.

2. Compare winter and spring, please.
-Winter is a beautiful season. The winter months are December, January and February. It is usually cold in winter. All the rivers and lakes are frozen. The trees are white with snow. The ground is covered with snow too.
In winter the days are short and the nights are long. The sky is often grey. It often snows. Children often ski and skate and play snowballs. Boys like to play hockey. They have great fun in winter.

April, March and May are spring months. Snow melts in spring, days become longer and nights are shorter. Streams are babbling, it's getting warm. The sun often shines brightly, the sky is blue. In April the trees are in bud. The birds are flying back from the warm countries. You can see the first flowers in the forest - snowdrops.

Springtime is a very happy time. Trees are green, everything is joyful and gay. It is warm in spring.

4. There are many nice poems about nature. Let's listen to some of them.
1)Come to the woods
On a sunny day,
Come to the woods
On a day in May
Look at the grass
At the busy bees,
Look at the birds
In the green, green trees
2)A Meeting
A flower is looking through the ground,
Blinking at the April weather,
Now a child has seen the flower,
Now they go and play together.
Now it seems the flower will speak,
And will call the child its brother-
But, oh strange forgetfulness?
They don't recognize each other.
By H. Munroe.

5. Бесіда з учнями про природу.
a) Many people like to live in cities. They like big houses, busy streets and cars. But they also love nature. During their vacations they go to the woods, to the seaside or spend a good time in the country. They like to watch animals, birds in the forest or in the fields.
What interesting things can you see when you go for a walk in the woods or in the fields? Have you ever seen animals in the forest?
- Once when I walked in the forest I saw squirrels in a tree. It was interesting to watch them. They jumped from one tree to another. The squirrels were grey. I threw them nuts and biscuits. They were hungry and they ate them.
b) And what can you see when you walk near a lake or a river?
-Once I saw ducks. My friends and I were in the forest.Wе went there for mushrooms and berries last autumn. In the forest there was a lake and we saw ducks there. They were dark grey. It was fun to watch them.
c) What interesting things would you tell us?
- I'd like to tell you about sparrows. They like to live in towns and villages. They like town streets and yards best. Sparrows can eat almost everything. They do not fly away when winter comes. They can live in very cold weather.

Your hometask was to make up dialogues about nature. Let's listen to some of them.
a) - I wonder, what do you do on Sunday?
- Nothing special.
- Then, let's go to the forest.
- Oh, it's a nice idea. I like to watch birds best of all.
- And I'd like to see a deer. They say that deer sometimes appear in the forest near Muravlenko.
- As for me, I'd like to take pictures of birds and animals.
- I know, photography is your hobby. You can try. But we must move very slowly and carefully not to frighten birds and animals.
- You are right. So, see you on Sunday.
- Bye.
b) - I wonder, are there any birds in the woods near Muravlenko? I have never seen any birds here.
- Of course, there are. Once I saw a woodpecker.
- Did you? I'd like to have a look at it, too. I have never seen woodpeckers.
-You see, a woodpecker is a big bird, it has a beautiful coat, black, white and red. It has a very sharp beak.
- I've heard that a woodpecker is a tree doctor, isn't it?
- That's right. The woodpecker tries to get at insects that live in trees with its sharp beak.
- Does the woodpecker have a nest?
- As far as I know, the woodpecker doesn't make a nest. It makes a hole in a tree and that is a nest for the bird.
- Oh, it's very interesting. You know a lot of interesting things about birds.
- Well, I have a lot of books at home about animals. I am fond of reading them. It's my hobby.

7. Бесіда з учнями про правила поводження на природі.
Now let's speak about the rules you should keep when you go for a walk in the forest. Who remembers the poem "Wild Kingdom"? Recite it, please.
Wild Kingdom
All woods are home to animals
So we behaved like guests
We only looked and never touched
The birds and rabbits nests.
What rules must you keep in the forest?
- We mustn't make a fire in the forest.
- We mustn't damage trees. They clean the air. They give us paper. They are a home for birds and animals.
- We mustn't kill birds. They kill pests.
- We mustn't leave litter in the forest. We must take it home.

8. Загадки про тварин.
l. A large brown animal that lives in the forest and likes honey.
2. This wild animal is like a dog.
3. This animal lives with us and likes to catch mice.
4. Wе like this bird and call it the bird of peace.
9. Підведення підсумків уроку.

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